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Nov 14, 2012 4:25am EST
to the numbers. reagan national is 36 degrees. we are not freezing yet here in the city but we're getting close. dulles and bwi marshall, both 32. if you've got tender vegetation and you want to deal with it, now would be the time. got to make that choice at this point in the morning. satellite-radar, we're nice and quiet. there will be a few clouds but high pressure will see things nice and dry around here. no issues with anyone rain in the forecast really for the next several days. i think the end of the weekend before we've got any rain back in the forecast. here is your forecast. mid- to upper 40s to about 50 here in town later this afternoon. so on the cool side with a lot of sunshine. still a little bit of a breeze here out of the north but definitely we seem to be permanently in jacket weather here for the next week or so. >> it hooks like it. thank you. >>> good morning to julie wright now. >> good morning. right now, traveling around the capital beltway, light traffic volume as you wake up. like you. i go from the house to the garage, from the garage to the building, never outside. tha
Nov 13, 2012 4:25am EST
populated schools. in 2008, d.c. closed 23 schools, a move that ended up costing the city millions of do >>> now to a fox 5 follow-up investigation on a critical shortage of paramedics in the district. the city can't keep enough medic units on the streets around the clock so now, as fox 5 first reported, d.c.'s fire chief will announce a plan to move paramedics off overnight hours to cover busier times of the day. fox 5 talked with chief kenny etheler bee. he disputes the claims by the firefighters' union that this will reduce their ability to respond to calls by 36%. >> this gives us an opportunity to look at a decades-old system and respond more readily to our community. we've looked at the data for over a year and the data indicates that we don't have as many calls from 1:00 to 7:00 a.m. as we do from 7:00 touring the day. we are trying to adjust our schedule, adjust our service delivery model to make sure we can meet the demand of the community. >> reporter: the chief says the plan is not complete just yet and it still needs to be discussed with t
Nov 9, 2012 4:25am EST
headlines this morning. starting in the next hour, drivers in new york city and on long island can only buy gas if their license plates end in an odd number. tomorrow being november 10th, drivers with tags ending in appear even number will be able to buy gas. not that there are shortages but with power outages, only a quarter of the gas stations are operating. also, female's mobile office in to thenville, staten island is open again after being closed because of the nor'easter. >>> the governor of new york says the losss from superstorm sandy in the empire state could total $33 billion and that is just one state. governor andrew cuomo gave the estimate at a briefing yesterday where he panned the power company for taking more than a week to restore electricity to some. this week's nor'easter caused another 200,000 to lose power in the tri-state area. >>> an arizona judge has sentenced jared loughner to life in prison without parole for killing sick people and injuring others. gabrielle giffords and her husband mark kelly were in court for the sentencing. kelly and other shooting survivors ma
Nov 15, 2012 4:25am EST
in the 30s to about 40 here in the city. going to be another cool day with highs in the upper 40s to about 50 so bring along a jacket. we'll have more clouds in the forecast than yesterday. you can see the clouds kind of streaming in from the north and we are getting a little bit of moisture here off the ocean. mostly cloudy day. i don't think we'll see much in the way of rain. we are going to have the clouds around that. will lock in the cool temperatures for the day. your thursday forecast, mostly cloudy, high temperatures, upper 40s to about 50. right now, we are back in the 30s to about 40. we'll have a look at the weekend coming up in just a couple of minute. >> thank you. >>> a deadly police shooting in a maryland neighborhood. the gunfire eripted about 7:30 last night as depend does were serving a temporary peace order at a home -- erupted about 7:0 last night. >> this man robbed a wal-mart store yesterday and shot an employee outside. police believe they found a suspect's getaway car on fire in a nearby neighborhood. >>> president obama called out two top republican senators during
Nov 8, 2012 4:25am EST
. quake was a powerful 7.4 and hit off the west coast of guatemala. it was also felt in mexico city and early this morning a strong 6.3 struck off canada's pacific coast but so far, no reports of dam and no tsunami warnings. >>> prince george's county police are searching for two men who robbed two others ate chillum atm. police say the men stole a semiautomatic weapon and stole the victim's wallet and car keys. surveillance cameras captured some of the robberies. these are the photos of the suspect on your screen right now. if you know the men or know anything about the robbery, bridge county police want to hear from you. >>> police in fairfax county are asking for your help in tracking down a serial fondler. each time the man fondels his victims, he then take off. here is a sketch of the suspect. he is described as hispanic with a medium build, black hear and wearing a red cap during many of the attacks. police say nine women have reported assaults by a man matching this description in the sketch. the latest case made public yesterday by police. if you have any information, fairfa
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5